WILKHAHN guiding principle is room dynamics. The manufacturer offers ergonomic 3D office chairs and effortlessly transferable, foldable, movable and easy to store furniture for conference rooms and open spaces.
WILKHAHN has guaranteed the highest precision since 1907; practicality, durability and long-lasting design are characteristic of its products. For more than 20 years, the company has operated according to ecological production processes, for which it has received awards.
3D office chairs with patented Trimension® technology allow movement in all directions, making the office environment healthier and more dynamic. The chair also allows the user to exercise; sample exercises for stabilising and strengthening the body are available in the Wilkhahn Office Workout application, which was developed in cooperation with Apple.
The Confair folding table can be set up and rearranged easily by one person without any tools. The surface can be expanded by simply linking it with other tables, making it ideal for work surface sharing, conferences and project groups. Folded up, it is very compact.
These products are used at Bentley salons, Porche offices and Yale University.



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