Jan Kath

Jan Kath

Zoë Luyendijk

Zoë Luyendijk

Michaela Schleypen

Michaela Schleypen

Soft floor coverings

Soft floor coverings

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  • Rug colours, materials, sizes and shapes – all at the customer's request. Rug designs can be customized for the rest of the interior or new design solutions can be created from scratch. We are experts with experience in implementing the most sophisticated ideas and bold wishes.

    For communication: krassky@krassky.lv, +37167781400


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  • Especially dense knitting, handmade
    Production time: approx. 20 weeks
    High density: 100–450 Tibetan knots per square inch

  • Hand Tufting

    Production time 8-12 weeks.
    High density.
    Possible to produce large size rugs 12 m wide up to any length.

  • Rug carving

    Hand-carving accentuates design.
    Sculpting creates three-dimensional effect.

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  • Tibetan sheep wool
    High lanolin content. Naturally resists dirt. Brushed and woven by hand.

    Chinese silk
    Eye-catching shine. Naturally hypoallergenic threads from silkworm cocoons. Thermoregulating.

  • Tibetan Nettle

    High-tensile strength.
    Retains organic colour and natural sheen.
    Adds an authentic vintage look.

    Mimics the feel of wool.
    Good for bathrooms and outdoors.
    Can be carved.

  • Cashmere

    Soft undercoat from cashmere goat.
    Extremely fine yarn.
    Gives a warming feel.

    New Zealand Wool

    High flexibility.
    Excellent dying characteristics.
    Naturally resilient.

  • Lustre Cotton

    A unique alternative to silk or viscose.
    Hard-wearing more durable than viscose.
    Comparable price to wool.

Handmade rug of multi-award-winning rug designers - Jan Kath, Michaela Schleypen and Zoë Luyendijk.

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