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Good sleep

  • Sleep is a time for the restoration of body and mind. If we do not replenish enough energy while sleeping, we might try to make up for it by eating more during the daytime, which is an unhealthy choice. It is very important to get high-quality sleep. Sleep quality is also affected by the mattress that we sleep on.

    TRECA mattresses have an even weight distribution system. Each body part is supported by different-sized coils, enabling a natural sleeping position. They guarantee deep undisturbed sleep, muscle relaxation, smooth blood circulation and restoration.

    Handmade, which makes for detailed quality control.



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Ventilation system

  • During the night excess water might be released from the body through sweat, so it is important that the mattress be breathable and moisture removed from it. Otherwise, moisture builds up between the sleeper's body and the mattress, which increases the chance of swelling. There are small ventilation openings on TRECA mattresses' sides, hidden behind the decorative buttons, allowing excess moisture to evaporate.



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Natural materials

  • Breathable materials that provide the highest comfort during sleep are used. Each side of the mattress is made with a different finish and thermal characteristic to meet seasonal needs. The winter side features heat-preserving cashmere, wool or silk, while the summer side incorporates lighter linen. These materials maintain their qualities for many years. 
    Special mattresses are available for people with allergies, using hypoallergenic materials such as phyto-organic wool, Ingeo corn viscose fibre and SeaCell material. In addition, an antibacterial silver thread is used  to the outer finishing.



The luxurious material comes from the fine and soft hair growing on the camel's neck. It is especially warm and soft.


The Andean Alpaca's wool is seven times warmer than sheep's wool and is as soft as cashmere. It is hypoallergenic, very elastic and moisture-resistant.


Hemp fibre is a completely natural and ecological raw material. It has excellent thermoregulation properties and absorbs moisture, which keeps the summer side of a mattress pleasantly cool.


High-quality Cashmere goat wool preserves heat and is extremely delicate. It makes a mattress's winter side particularly soft and cosy.


This fibre is very durable, elastic and long-lasting.


These soft and lightweight silk fibres are characterised by excellent thermal insulation, providing a sleeper with the ultimate comfort and warmth.


Merino wool is finer and softer than other sheep wool. Its fibres are less than 24 microns in a diameter. Merino wool absorbs and wicks away excess, facilitating its evaporation.


Asia Minor Angora goat wool has great thermal insulation both in cold and warm weather. It is soft, very lightweight and durable, with good water vapour permeability - during hot weather moisture does not accumulate and immediately evaporates.

Mattress Structure


The topper provides extra comfort and extends the life of the mattress. It is fastened on to the mattress with special handles that prevent the topper from slipping.


The mattress is the key to comfort during sleep. It is important that it has an even weight distribution system. It is possible to adjust the degree of firmness and the desired level of comfort to the sleeper's body height, weight and sleeping habits.


The bed base provides one-third of the sleeping comfort, so it should meet the desired degree of hardness. The bed base also has coils, which complement the functions of mattress and adjust to body shape, providing even more support. The bed base, like the mattress, is made of natural materials.

Trios of comfort

TRECA mattresses, mattress toppers and bed bases complement each other harmoniously to provide the desired level of comfort.

TRECA mattresses can be combined with other bed bases using unique TRECA slatted frame with support springs providing same comfort as TRECA bed base.

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