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Private projects

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KRASSKY employs a team of more than 90 highly skilled professionals, most of whom have at least 10 years of experience in their particular field of expertise. This is part of what allows us to provide a complete range of interior design services from the development of the initial concept through to its implementation, encompassing along the way the supply of all necessary products and materials, fit-out and installation, as well as strict management and supervision of the project.

Effective listening

Good projects begin with in-depth study. We have developed listening skills to offer the most suitable solutions for our clients.

Individual design

We give special importance to the planning. When designing the interior, it must reflect the customer's personality. Using the vision of the end result, we provide 3D simulations and samples of materials.

Choice of materials

We work only with specially selected high quality materials and products. Logistics team ensures accurate and punctual delivery from anywhere in the world.

Masters - experts

What matters is not only the components, but also the culture. Our masters have excellent experience and knowledge gained in trainings at the leading interior products manufacturers facilities.

Sparkling finish

With a sparkling eyes and pride together with customers we celebrate the implementation of each project with a glass of champagne!