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Zoë Luyendijk is a true artisan and master of pattern. She creates the most intricate rug patterns in the world today and no one has achieved this level of detail on rugs before.

These rugs are for those who appreciate the fine tradition of rug-making, but are also open to a contemporary perspective. She re-creates the beauty of nature in an artistic, modern design. The rugs consist of four to five layers of contrasting materials in varying heights. Many shades are used to create defined patterns and signature watercolour effects.

Her home and studio are on the west coast of British Columbia, an hour's drive from Vancouver, Canada. She established the Zoë Luyendijk studio in 1998 with her partner Murray Mallot (a master boat-builder) as an environment in which to develop fresh designs whilst employing artisanal techniques. All rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal using organic materials - 100% Tibetan wool, refined and raw silk, natural and bleached hemp.

Originally an interior designer, she began creating pieces for her projects and was driven by the desire to design for herself. She follows her own instincts, guided by nature, art, travel and culture.

1. Blooming


2. Riversuite Morning

Riversuite Morning

3. Bella Aquae

4. Ur Na

Ur Na

5. Ur Na 2

Ur Na 2

6. Thicket Multi

7. Dance With Me

Dance With Me

8. City


9. Colourfield


10. Tofino


11. Line and Spot

Line and Spot

12. BZOD Maat Ten Rivers

BZOD Maat Ten Rivers

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