Andreu World

Back in 1955 Francisco Andreu Marti fulfilled his vision to convert his family’s woodworking workshop into a company dedicated to the manufacturing of bentwood parts, assembling and finishing of chairs. Attention to detail, excellence and good design – is the fundamental guide to Andreu World universe. Warm and noble material – wood is deep in the roots of this Spanish company. Each design examines all of the wood possibilities, constantly pushing to improve comfort, finish and function. Andreu World strives to be a leader in the manufacture of chairs and tables created with passion for a contemporary, sustainable lifestyle, made in award winning collaborations with the best designers that offer durable and democratic solutions.

A flagship model of the Andrea chair (1985) by Josep Lluscà, would signal the company’s international takeoff, heralding and a new era of sophistication and comfort. Another icon – both radical and graphic RDL chair designed by Alberto Lievore is made entirely from solid oak and a thin piece of curved laminate. It is an archetype of the universal concept of the chair, refined to the maximum. With a deep connection to Mediterranean culture, comapnys’ portfolio includes distinct outdoor collections of seating, tables and sofas, constructed from new materials and treatments that are weather resistant and require minimal maintenance.

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